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Visitors flock the Philippine Embassy booth to look at accessories and other Philippine-made products during the 2021 Lao Food Festival held from 23 to 27 February 2021 at Chao Anouvong Park in Vientiane, Laos.

The Philippine Embassy in Vientiane, Laos, participated in the 2021 Lao Food Festival on 23 February 2020 at Chao Anouvong Park in Vientiane, Laos. Similar to the arrangements in 2020, the Embassy partnered with ASEAN Embassies in Vientiane to promote ASEAN culture. The Lao Food Festival ran from 23 to 27 February 2021, and over 200 booths were featured during the event.

On the opening day of the festival, the Embassies of the Philippines and Malaysia showcased their products, and the Embassies of Myanmar and Singapore followed on February 24, Brunei and Vietnam on February 25, and Thailand and Cambodia on February 26.

The Philippine Embassy sold Philippine-made products, namely fashion accessories, Likas papaya soap, Mama Sita mixes, Knorr Sinigang mixes, Nagaraya, and Goldilocks polvoron, among others. Ms. Beverly Unajan, a Filipino entrepreneur, also joined the event and sold a variety of nuts during the festival.

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Philippine Ambassador Belinda M. Ante (left) and Singaporean Ambassador Leow Siu Lin visit booths during the Lao Food Festival, which aims to promote and support businesses owned by women entrepreneurs.

The Lao Food Festival is an annual cultural activity in Laos, where Post actively promotes Philippine culture, cuisine, handicrafts, and tourism. The Embassy’s contribution in the event lends support to local Lao businesses, especially those owned by female entrepreneurs. End